BA Discussion Wk1

Instructions Attached

Week 1 Discussions

· Due on 3/3/2021 Wednesday @7pm EST

· 250 words for each discussion

· Minimum of 1 scholarly source for each discussion


Discussion #1

Initial Post Instructions For the initial post, address the following:

· What is the value of studying the humanities in the field of health professions?

· How might a topic such as art, literature, music, dance, etc. from other time periods enhance your career and personal life in the present?

· Select one aspect of the humanities that is meaningful to your personal life and one for career. Explain how is each meaningful.

· In addition, include a specific example of a work (a specific work of art, literature, theater, or music) that you feel is meaningful to your personal life and/or career. Explain the connection.


Discussion #2

Initial Post Instructions If art lacks a clear definition, what criteria are used to determine what a work of art  is ? Please look at several works on any museum website to discuss what constitutes “art.” Some major museums include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art Institute of Chicago, or National Gallery of Art, or consider finding a local museum. The permanent collection is normally under the Collections link, but feel free to explore the entire website for your selection.

For the initial post, address the following:

· What approaches should we take in responding to a work of art?

· Select an example of art that fits your definition of art and provide an example of non-art (either from the site or in the world around you).

· Determine how line, color, texture, and/or composition are part of your definition.

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