Reproductive Endocrinology

-Research paper needs to be 5 pages, the 5 pages of the research paper are not including the Title page, Abstract & Reference sheet.

-References must be from 2015 to present

-Minimum of 4-5 Articles/Book work cited refrences

After the Research Paper is done, I also will need a Powerpoint created with the same information added onto it. Somewhere in the powerpoint I will need a 3-4 minute video included regarding the topic. The powerpoint does NOT need to be done the same day as the Research Paper, can be after.

Professor Feedback

“This is good but images should also appear in the appendix of your paper (after the references page). They should each be labeled figure 1, etc. and should be referred to as so in the paper.
Also your reference page is not in alphabetical order”

Madelyn Almanzar  Address: _____________(201) 362-8315 | almanzarmadelyn@gmail . com


Looking for a position as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer utilizing knowledge

and skills in lab work and image analysis in order to provide the best possible



Phlebotomy Training

Eastern International College – Jersey City, NJ 2017 – Present

Certified Phlebotomist 2018

High School Diploma

Union City High School, Union City, NJ 2016


● Bilingual

● Working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, infection control, and

specimen processing.

● Familiar with medical terminology, first aid, and safety.

● Special talent for instructing patients with procedures.



● Adept at managing office work relevant to the position.


Walmart Employee     April 2016 to November 2019  Address: 400 Park Plaza Dr, Secaucus, NJ 07094  Walmart – Secaucus, NJ    Duties:   -Answered customers questions and addressed problems and complaints  in person and via phone.  -Helped customers select products that best fit their personal needs.  -Maintained visually appealing and effective displays for the entire store.  -Kept showroom clean and maintained net, orderly product displays.  -Built customer confidence by actively listening to their concerns and  giving appropriate feedback.  -Educated customers on product and service offerings.    Medical Assistant     May 2020 to February 2021  999 McBride Ave, Woodland Park, NJ 070424  Aman Vazir MD, Dr. Office    -Take vital signs  -Perform basic laboratory tests  -Prepare examination room and equipment  -Perform various respiratory evaluations  -Administer a variety of treatments which may include inhaled  medications through nebulizers, oral medicines, or even injections under  the supervision of the pulmonologist  -Communication with patients including scheduling patient  appointments  -Update and maintain medical records



-Manage billing and payment  -Process insurance claims  -Manage the office and medical supplies



● Excellent verbal and written communication

● Confident with the ability to work independently

● Fabulous organizational and interpersonal skills

● Intense lab skills

● Exceptional ability to work with a diversity of the population

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